1 Case Study: Enhancing Web Analytics for Shanequa Jones Real Estate

Client: Shanequa Jones Real Estate
Industry: Real Estate – Buying and Selling Houses
Website: https://shanequajones.com

Project Overview
Shanequa Jones Real Estate, a prominent player in the real estate market, sought to enhance their digital footprint by implementing robust web analytics. The project aimed to streamline and improve the tracking of user interactions on their website, providing deeper insights into user behavior to optimize marketing strategies and improve user engagement.


1. Google Tag Manager (GTM) Setup
– Creation and setup of the GTM account for streamlined tag management.

2. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Setup
– Creation of GA4 account and setup of key events to track user interactions.

3. Microsoft Clarity Integration
– Creation of Microsoft Clarity project account and integration with the website through GTM.

– Linking GA4 with Microsoft Clarity for enhanced data insights.

4. Event Tracking through GTM
– Form tracking                – Pop-up form tracking
– Email click tracking       – Phone number click tracking

Solutions Implemented

1. Google Tag Manager Account Creation and Setup
– Created a GTM account for Shanequa Jones Real Estate.
– Implemented GTM on the website to manage all tracking codes centrally.
– Configured tags, triggers, and variables necessary for detailed event tracking.

2. Google Analytics 4 Account Creation and Event Setup
– Set up a new GA4 property and linked it with the GTM account.
– Configured essential events to track key user interactions, such as form submissions, pop-up forms, email clicks, and phone number clicks.

3. Microsoft Clarity Project Account Creation and Integration
– Created a Microsoft Clarity account and set up a new project for the website.
– Integrated Microsoft Clarity with the website via GTM, ensuring seamless data flow.
– Linked GA4 with Microsoft Clarity to enable comprehensive user behavior analysis.

4. Event Tracking Through GTM
– Configured form tracking to capture form submissions on various pages.
– Set up triggers for pop-up form tracking to capture interactions with modal forms.
– Implemented tracking for email clicks to understand user engagement with email links.
– Configured phone number click tracking to capture user interactions with contact numbers.


Enhanced User Insights: The integration of GA4 and Microsoft Clarity provided comprehensive insights into user behavior, helping to identify key interaction points and areas for improvement.

Improved Marketing Strategies: Detailed event tracking enabled Shanequa Jones Real Estate to refine their marketing strategies based on user interaction data.

Streamlined Data Management: The use of GTM allowed for centralized and efficient management of tracking codes, reducing the complexity of website analytics management.

Increased Engagement: Understanding user interactions with forms, emails, and phone numbers helped in optimizing user engagement and improving the overall user experience on the website.

The implementation of advanced web analytics for Shanequa Jones Real Estate significantly enhanced their ability to track and analyze user interactions. This project not only provided valuable insights for optimizing marketing strategies but also improved user engagement on the website. The seamless integration of GTM, GA4, and Microsoft Clarity ensured a comprehensive approach to web analytics, positioning Shanequa Jones Real Estate for continued success in the digital landscape.

Tools and Technologies Used:
– Google Tag Manager (GTM)
– Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
– Microsoft Clarity

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